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Heart Fest 2022

Heart Fest is an annual gathering of students from all Sacred Heart Schools in Great Britain. The students join together in prayer to celebrate being part of a worldwide community.

Our students said:

"I thoroughly enjoyed Heart Fest because it gave me an opportunity to make friends with other students from different Sacred Heart schools and to find out the difference and similarities between all of the schools.

I also enjoyed the time in the chalets where we had a lot of fun dancing to songs! I loved this trip and I hope that I will have this chance to go again. If you get the opportunity to go to Heart Fest I highly recommend taking it."


"I really enjoyed meeting other people from different sacred heart schools, it made me feel like I was really part of a community. I liked getting to know people from my school better as well and singing and dancing with everyone at night. I liked doing activities and playing games with everyone and I loved getting sweets from the tuck shop. I feel really lucky to have been offered such a great opportunity, thank you for the experience!"

Tabitha Erswell Evans Y8

"I fully enjoyed my experience at Heart Fest. I enjoyed the whole experience, but I mostly enjoyed the fire pit and smores. However, I made some new friend from Hammersmith and we are still in contact now. I loved the t-shirts that we got and loved that we got to do so many arts and crafts such as the origami hearts. The main thing that we learnt is that faith is anyone!"

Jorgie Beaton Y8



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