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Newcastle Careers Fair

Sacred Heart students in year 9 and 11 will be attending the Newcastle Careers Fair on 15th February 2023 at St James' Park.

The event will be held across 4 zones and over 3 floors of St James' Park with each zone having a unique focus.

  1. Zone 1 – 50-55 employers representing 10 vocational areas.

  2. Zone 2 – 45-50 Education and training providers (including HE, FE and support organisations)

  3. Zone 3 – talks from employers outlining ‘My journey into work’

  4. Zone 4 – a dedicated area for students with additional needs.

The event will help to:

  • Raise pupils aspirations

  • Ensure pupils are aware of their options at all levels

  • Help pupils gain a better understanding of the employment market and employer expectations

  • Re-enforce understanding that good qualifications means more choice in the labour market.

More information to follow!



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