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Year 9 Fashion with TICE

Year 9 TICE fashion design students have been working on live design briefs for the TICE programme, supported with industry professional and mentors. They have been exploring and researching further into fashion activism – what it is and the influence it has had throughout history.

They have also researched more in-depth about brands, including the designer, Bella Freud, whose work is the centre of inspiration for some of the projects.

Following initial research, students had to choose their fight, movement, or muse to create a range of ideas and concept boards, with a focus on exploring the brief – What is Psychanalysis. Students have been creating extremely creative and exciting design work to build skills in presenting a professional digital portfolio.

Referring to the ‘word jumpers’ in Bella Freud’s latest collection, students were encouraged to create a statement to put on a design.

Once they have designed their piece, they will be attending a day at Northumbria Design Centre to work with industry professional on marketing their piece.

They will also be tasked with a creative writing piece inspired by Bella’s ‘Happening’ section of the website. With support to make sure their words reflect their images to develop powerful fashion writing.



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