Using Labour Market Information (LMI) to help you make decisions

Labour Market Information or LMI is information about the types, opportunities and pay within the current local jobs market. It can be very useful in enabling young people to make informed decisions about what they want to do in their future careers.

Information available includes:

  • The sectors, industries and businesses that operate in a region

  • The jobs that exist

  • The number and type of job vacancies

  • The sectors and industries that are predicted to grow in the coming years

  • Travel to work patterns

  • The kinds of skills that are/will be needed by industries and businesses

  • Pay and progression patterns.

On this page is:


  • a general guide to LMI and the current North Eastern England LMI (video embedded below)​​

  • National Labour Market Information 

  • Using Unifrog to find Labour Market Information

All are very useful in exploring LMI data in a useful and easy to access way.