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Our Diocesan Section 48 inspection took place in March 2019, these occur every five years, the last one was in 2014.  Everyone at Sacred Heart is delighted with the outcome, our school continues to be Outstanding, in every category.


Some of the most pleasing comments made by the Inspection team refer to:


‘All pupils deeply value and participate in the distinctive mission of this Catholic school.  They show great respect for themselves and for others and actively embrace all that is on offer within the school.’

‘There is a strong sense of belonging which is evident within relationships at every level.  Understanding and respect for everyone within the community ensures that students thrive and grow spiritually, socially, emotionally and educationally.’

‘Behaviour is exemplary within this diverse school community.  Service to others is routine and palpable…’

‘Religious education is outstanding. In the vast majority of lessons, teaching was consistently outstanding at all key stages and never less than good.’


I do hope you enjoy reading the full report which can be found below:

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