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Amongst other things, pupils classified as having social, emotional and mental health needs may need support with anxiety or their emotional health may be affecting their progress; they may require help to manage their behaviour in the classroom. Support we can provide for pupils with communication and interaction needs is as follows:

  • The school provides fantastic pastoral care for all students and each year group has a head of progress and deputy head of progress that monitors behaviour, progress and the emotional needs of the students.

  • We run one-to-one and small group sessions focusing on emotional understanding and social skills.

  • We have a ‘calm area’ where students on the SEND register can go if they feel they need some quiet time; time out cards can be arranged.

  • We run intervention programmes for students who are struggling with literacy and numeracy skills or have access to academic mentoring for students who have fallen behind in a subject.

  • We use behaviour reports and praise reports to help students manage and take ownership of their behaviour so all members of the school remain safe.

  • We complete risk assessments and then take action to ensure the safety and inclusion of all children, whenever possible, in all activities.

  • We have a Humanities group in Year 7 which can help new and vulnerable students settle into the school.

  • We have an in-school counsellor available for students with a specific emotional need, for example, bereavement.

  • We seek the expert advice and support of outside agencies, including the School Nurse and the Children and Young People’s Service (CYPS)

  • Where a student has SEND and is also a child in care, we have a designated teacher and CIC coordinator in school to ensure students are supported.

  • Individual mentoring is available to support pupils.

  • We have an on-site Chaplain to assist with spiritual and emotional development.

There are clubs run through the Learning Centre at lunch times to support vulnerable pupils. Support is available at break times if required.

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