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For all students who have an additional need, here at Sacred Heart Catholic High School we:


  • Work closely with parents or carers to agree on the best actions to take to help students make progress and feel happy at school.

  • Make sure lesson content is adapted to take into account different learning needs and to make sure students can access the content of the lessons.

  • Employ a fully qualified SENDCo who leads on SEND provision across the school and who works with a member of the leadership team to act as an advocate for students with SEND.

  • Monitor the progress of the students through the SEND department to ensure students are making progress in English and Maths; this allows the SENDCo to take action if progress is not as expected.

  • Provide a keyworker who will meet with students informally at least once a year so they can voice any concerns and have a contact within the department.

  • Create a teacher overview to help the teachers understand the unique needs of students and adapt their lessons appropriately. These documents also include students' views.

  • Create Individual Education Plans for our high need students which are formulated and overseen by the SENDCo in conjunction with the students, parents and staff.

  • Hold regular meetings for teaching assistants with the SENDCo, to review students, interventions and resources and to adapt provision where necessary.

  • Support our families of children with SEND, formally through review meetings and informally as our SENDCo is available to speak either on the phone, in person or at one of our termly coffee mornings.

  • Seek advice from outside agencies to ensure each students' needs are fully identified and understood and to learn from specialists how best to support our children with SEND.

  • Map provision and evaluate intervention groups and strategies on a termly basis.

  • Regularly evaluate our teaching resources to ensure they are accessible to all students with SEND.

  • Ensure our school activities and trips, as far as is possible, are accessible to all our students with SEND.

  • Provide on-going SEND training and information for teachers, teaching assistants and other staff in the school.

  • Liaise closely with primary schools and High and Further Education providers to ensure SEND student information is clearly communicated and to help students with SEND feel at ease when making the transition to high school or to Higher or Further Education providers.

  • Place support staff where needed throughout the school to ensure students' progress, independence and value for money.

  • Access arrangements are applied for where we feel students with SEND would benefit from additional provision in exam situations.

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