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Let us know what you think about the books that you’ve read and automatically enter our prize draw.

Each time you finish a book you can review it at This is also the place to go to search for books in the library and find other reviews.


The aim is to keep reading and to share your opinions.  Don’t just tell us the plot - we want to know if you enjoyed the book, why you enjoyed it and whether you liked the characters. 

Every month there is a chance to earn merits for excellent reviews and a prize draw to win chocolate.  We’ll also be announcing special review competitions in your library lessons and on the display in the library.


Your username is your school email address, e.g. and the password is 1234.  Look for the book that you want to review by using the search box on the top right of the screen.  When you have found the correct book click on the "Create Review" box to write and post your review.

Where can I find books to read?

Click here for the School Library Catalogue The login is your full school email address and the password is 1234.

​You can find books to read online at  The login is your full school email address and the password is 1234.

Books are also available from Newcastle Libraries. Click here for more information and how to join

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