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Amongst other things, pupils classified as having communication and interaction needs may be on the autism spectrum or may have speech difficulties. Support we can provide for pupils with communication and interaction needs is as follows:


  • Teachers will adapt the curriculum and resources appropriately, reflecting on the needs of the student

  • Visual timetables can be provided

  • The learning centre is a peaceful area and students can use this as a ‘calm area’ if it is agreed this would be an appropriate strategy

  • We run a film club and craft club in the learning centre as we understand unstructured time can be problematic; keyworkers will also work with tutors to ensure other whole school clubs are considered where appropriate

  • We offer a social skills programme and organisational support

  • We have an in-school counsellor who can help students through difficult periods

  • We can arrange access to academic mentoring if required so students don’t fall behind with their work in class

  • Targeted intervention in Maths and English can be considered to improve skills in numeracy and literacy

  • Support and advice is sought from outside agencies to ensure any barriers to success are fully identified and responded to; any programmes implemented are fully supported and communicated to staff

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