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Category 6 of the admissions policy states that, “Up to 10% of the annual intake of children who demonstrate an aptitude for Performing Arts. An objective method of determining aptitude and not of general ability will be used. Read Note 4.”

Note 4 states:


As a Specialist School we are allowed by law to select up to 10% of the intake based on our specialism. Judgment on aptitude will be made from any evidence provided by the parents, and from the student taking part in workshops in Performing Arts set by the school, designed to establish aptitude. This will lead to the creation of a rank order. There will be a maximum of 22 places available under this criterion depending on how many places are available after the other criteria (1-5) have been applied. The assessor will have skills in the Performing Arts, be independent of the school, and will have no family connection with any applicant. The assessor’s judgment on aptitude on the day is final.


Any evidence that the parents wish to submit must be sent to the school.

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