Sacred Heart Summer Reading Challenge:

The summer holidays are the perfect time to get lost in a book! To support our KS3 students to do this, we are sending them all home this summer with their very own copy of a brand new novel to kick start their summer reading!

Starting with the book she has been given, your daughter’s challenge is to read 5 books over the summer holidays - we have produced a book mark reading list to help her to find titles that she will enjoy. We would also love to read her book reviews and there will be prizes available in September for all those who can fill up their Summer Reading Record!


If your daughter is in Year 7 she will also be asking you to get involved in this reading challenge and to read alongside her! One of the best ways to encourage her to read is to show her that you enjoy reading too so she will be bringing you a free Reading Agency ‘Quick Read’ to make it easy for you to take some time to read for enjoyment this summer too!