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This Summer find your perfect reading partner with Book Island and ePlatform 

It is really important for students to maintain their reading levels over the Summer Break and our Book Island Activity gives added incentive with the chance to win prizes! 

Year 7/8 students can win prizes by continuing to quiz as normal over the Summer at The prize categories are: 

  • Most quizzes passed 

  • Most Words read 

  • Highest average score on quizzes taken 

  • Prize draw for all students gaining over 80% on a quiz 


Year 9+ students can win prizes by posting their reviews on the Library Catalogue. To do this go to, login with their full school email address and the password is 1234. Find the book you want to review using the search box, click to go to the book record and there will be a create a review button on screen. The Prize categories are: 

  • Most reviews posted 

  • Best one sentence review 

  • Most heartfelt review 

  • The best reason for not finishing a book 

  • The most persuasive review 


Students have access to books all through the Summer by using ePlatform for eBooks and eAudiobooks. To find an extensive selection of books, go to, the username is their full school email address, and the password is 1234. If there are any problems logging in to ePlatform, please email  

Other libraries are also available, click on to find your nearest Newcastle Library. 

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