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Our Academic Mentor, Megan Clews, joined us in January 2022 and since then she has been working alongside Sacred Heart teachers to address a range of interventions: offering one-to-one and small group tuition across both key stages 3 and 4.

Megan’s role was created as part of the government funded National Tutoring Programme that was designed to support students, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to catch up on missed education due to Covid-19. Megan has been working with our girls to help them to reach their learning goals, maximise their potential, develop their skills and build their confidence.

We are delighted that Megan has joined our Sacred Heart community and is having such a positive impact on our girls.


I have a BA in French and History from Newcastle University, where I generally focused on political and social modern history. During my time at university, I did a year abroad living in France where I studied history at a French university in Lorraine and then undertook a translation internship in Bordeaux.

I have previously volunteered with the Angelou Centre teaching ESOL to women from disadvantaged backgrounds online. This was my first real experience of teaching and whilst it was challenging working with groups of people who had vastly different levels of English (particularly over Zoom), it was incredibly rewarding seeing them gain confidence in their English ability each week and begin to really engage in the lessons. This was the first time I had ever really considered tutoring as a career and was one of the reasons I decided to get involved with the National Tutoring Programme.

Another reason I was interested in NTP is that clearly all students have been negatively affected by the pandemic but disadvantaged students have disproportionally missed out because of a lack of access and structure. I think that the programme is a really good way of trying to bridge the disadvantage gap and help everyone reach their potential.

My first two terms at Sacred Heart have been great. Working in small groups means I get to know each student better and really get to tailor sessions to their specific needs and learning styles. Seeing each of the students slowly grow in confidence has been really gratifying. Watching them go from believing a certain subject wasn’t for them, to being willing to have a go and having more belief in themselves has been amazing. (July 2022)

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