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At the end of May, students in Year 11 and Year 13 celebrated their achievements across GCSE and A Level Art, Ceramics and Textiles at the annual end of year exhibition. Classrooms and corridors in the department were transformed into gallery spaces for students to showcase their work to friends and family.

It was a busy evening with lots of guests: we even had three generations visit from one family of a student in Year 13! Students received positive praise from visitors for the high standard of their work and the interesting themes they explored through it.

Students worked in a range of materials including drawing, painting, film, constructed garments, print, CAD CAM, digital art, ceramics, casting, clay thrown on the wheel and much more.

A high number of students are going to pursue their creative endeavours further, either at A-Level or degree level: destinations for our Year 13 students include Art and Ceramics courses at Newcastle College, Film Studies and Fashion Degrees.

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