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Curriculum Enhancement Book - All of Sacred Heart's after school and lunchtime clubs!

The Curriculum Enhancement Book for Autumn Term is now live on our website.

This programme shows you the range of activities in which you can take part at Sacred Heart Catholic High School. They are scheduled at lunchtimes, after school and in some cases during school holidays. School visits are normally planned during term time. If you take part, you can:

  • Consolidate subject matter for exams

  • Learn new skills or improve existing ones

  • Take responsibility

  • Represent the school

  • Explore and develop your talents

It is important for you to show that in addition to good examination results you are prepared to take up your place in society. This booklet details you opportunities to become involved in a variety of activities. If you have any further ideas for suitable activities, which are not in this programme please speak to Mrs A Kirkup (Curriculum Enhancement/Extended Schools).

Make the most of your time at Sacred Heart Catholic High School and have fun!

You can view the clubs that are available by clicking .


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