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GCSE DT Students Have Real Life ‘The Apprentice’ Experience: Mediaworks Digital Marketing Agency

Ten of our Year 10 Design Technology students were selected to attend an event on February 7th run by NE1 CAN, an organisation who liaise with local businesses to offer workshops in a wide range of different career settings.

The two-hour workshop was held at the vibrant modern office space of Mediaworks, overlooking the River Tyne in Gateshead. Students from four other schools in the region were also invited. NE1 CAN staff introduced the aims of the workshop and gave students a tour of the workspace and facilities. The Head of Human Resources then explained how they recruit and the ethos of Mediaworks. This was followed by talks from 3 young members of Mediaworks staff who explained their roles, what they most enjoy about their jobs and how they got to this career.

For a final challenge, the students were put into smaller groups with others from different schools and asked to work creatively as a team to market and promote 'Oceans' a brand of eco-friendly toilet paper. Each group was given a platform to promote their idea: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or TikTok. They then had to pitch their ideas to the Mediaworks team who gave feedback and selected a winner.

The workshop was interesting, informative and fun. It really challenged our students, got them out of their comfort zone and gave them a lot to think about

Comments from some students who attended:

“I personally think I have been encouraged to be more open to different career paths and to look out for more works that are futuristic. I have learnt more about marketing, and it gave me a chance to be able to explore career paths that I have never thought of.” Amale Gebreyes

“Personally, I found the experience quite interesting and it educated me more about the field of marketing and the type of routine they go through.” Karyl Jane Calimpusan



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