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Monday 19th June marked the start of our annual Festival of Reading celebrations at Sacred Heart! Every year in the summer term, we come together as a community to celebrate our love of reading with a number of great events, competitions and prizes.

The build up to our Festival of Reading started with a sponsored read that took place in the two weeks before the festival: students made a pledge to read for a set number of hours, and money raised will go towards the building of the Sacred Heart Education Centre in Eldoret, Kenya.

The week started with some wonderful ‘book gifting’: every Year 7 student received a free book from their English teacher, and some of our Year 7&8 students won a golden ticket entitling them to another book gift and chocolate! For those whose appetite for reading hadn’t yet been satisfied, the week-long Scholastic Book Fair offered more opportunities to purchase some young adult and teen fiction.

Girls (and Mr Robertson) enjoyed cosying down in the reading nooks created around school, which offered them a comfy space and a shelf of books to settle down with over break, lunch or after school.

Our Author Visits were a great opportunity for girls from Years 7-10 to engage with real writers, get books signed and purchase their most recent books: read more about them in the newsletter.

The book-themed treasure hunt was a great success! Girls used book-based clues to make their way through different departments, in a race to win the treasure!

For dancing fans, Mrs Perry held a literary dance class, where girls were taught the classic Roger de Coverley dance as seen in Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’.

The week ended with a Poetry Slam in the library; an opportunity for girls to share their own poems, or favourite poems, with other budding writers. Some of our teachers got involved too!



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