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Star Artists of the Term - Autumn Showcase

Fruit Bowl, Nicole James, Year 7, Pencil on paper

The Art department would like to share the talent and creativity of our students across all year groups.

Once a term we will recognise students in each year group who created an exceptional piece of artwork. We want the excellent work from students completed in the Autumn term to fire the imagination and creativity in others!

Hayley So 8E, ‘Save the Bees Moodboard’, Posca Pen on Paper

Rebecca Jacob 9C, ‘Observational Drawing of Seashells’, Pencil on Paper

Tafara Jerahuni 10H, 'The Baltic Contemporary Art Gallery' Polyprint on paper

Emily Nealings 11D, Mixed Media flowers (Screen print, pencil and collage)

Lucy Henderson Y12, ‘Water Feature’ Petra-grogged stonewear clay, cobalt carbonate, tin white glaze

Hannah Balding Y13, ‘Portrait Studies’ Oil paint on Canvas (Left and Middle), Pencil on Paper (Right)

Abi Ely Y13 - 'Human Form', Petra-grogged stoneware clay, Thomas Ross Black glaze



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