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V&A Innovate National Schools Challenge

Year 9 Textiles students have been entered into the Victoria & Albert (V&A) Innovate National Schools Challenge.

Students were asked to follow a human-centred design process and respond to the challenge of the theme ‘disrupt’, inspired by V&A collections.

Working in teams, students used the theme ‘disrupt’ to consider how design can help create new ways of looking at and doing things, taking the familiar and bringing new perspectives to it. They developed understanding that design can shed light on challenging and important issues that shape our lives. Design can disrupt and creatively challenge previously accepted ways of doing things and plays a powerful role in voicing concerns and expressing ourselves, individually and collectively.

Students learned about how artists and designers have used creativity, imagination and collaboration to make strong statements, start meaningful conversations and encourage us to confront issues head on.

Design teams in Year 9 successfully developed a range of design development ideas and created a range of exciting outcomes that support positive change.



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