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Year 9 TICE Design Interviews

Well done to our Year 9 Design TICE team for taken part in interviews about design aspirations, sustainable design and creative careers! The interviews were a celebration of their experiences on the TICE programme.

This Is Creative Enterprise (TICE) is an award winning design programme, recognised as one of the North East’s most successful creative programmes for young people. TICE specialises in providing young people with hands-on careers progression, opportunities, skills development and guidance that specialises in the creative, design and digital sectors.

After successfully completing the full exciting TICE programme, our students were selected to take part in an interview recording with TICE, recorded in the Textiles department at school.

This experience of developing digital media content through recording for camera, gave students the excellent opportunity to showcase their media skills on how to connect with an audience, framing their ideas and thoughts into a structured interview.



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