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‘Your Time’ Leaders Deliver a Successful Sports Event

On Friday 21st April, Sacred Heart hosted a Games Day for Year 3 students from Sacred Heart Primary School. The event was led by 6 of our best Sports Leaders: Evie Wilkinson, Katie Lamb and Rikki Teasdale in Year 11; Libby Reilly, Ellie Foggan and Winter McTimmins in Year 10.

Our Sports Leaders have been completing the leadership qualification “Your Time” which is a government-approved leadership qualification. It requires students to complete online modules over the course of a year, building up to the running of an event lasting a minimum of 4 hours to at least 25 students. Our Sports Leaders worked tirelessly to ensure that they could deliver a fantastic day to our visitors; the Year 3 students all agree that they smashed it!

The day consisted of kingball, endball and athletics. All events ran smoothly and the Sports Leaders did our school proud, showing maturity and enthusiasm throughout the day. Mrs Adams, who has supported the leaders throughout the process, would like to thank them for their hard work and for delivering a memorable day. We are incredibly proud!



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