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GCHQ National Language Competition

GCHQ (Government Communication Head Quarters) is a branch of the UK intelligence service.

In summer last year, an opportunity arose to trial the National Language Competition platform for GCHQ as they developed a range of tasks for students across the country to try out.

This September, through our link with the summer system test, students in Year 9 were tasked with breaking a series of codes set by GCHQ, looking at developing their natural linguistic ability. The MFL staff created a promotional video to grab the attention of the girls and to motivate them to make the most of the unique opportunity. Our students engaged superbly with the competition and out of 600 schools participating and 3000 teams nationally, Sacred Heart had 4 teams finish in the top 300 and one of the teams finished in 102nd position nationally. This was an incredible effort from our girls, and they were a credit to Sacred Heart.

An honourable mention to the following students for their incredible effort in codebreaking:

Beryl I 9S, Anna K 9S, Nerisse M 9S and Seb T 9S; Anne D 9C, Cassandra H 9C, Rebecca J 9C, and Kirsty M 9C; Valerie E 9R, Alexa C 9R, Daisy Y 9R, and Thiyara M 9R; Kyrie E 9S, Ava L 9S, Ogechi O 9S, and Eliza R 9S.



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