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This month we kicked off our summer fundraising for the Educational Centre in Kenya with a fantastic effort from the Year 8 students in their Charity Fun Run! A huge well done to every student who took part. There were some phenomenal finishers, with 6 students completing a lap before the race was over and running back to support their fellow classmates over the finish line.

For some, 2km was further than they had anticipated, but we were proud of the many that pushed to run the full distance. A special mention to those who were cheering other students over the line. All in all, a great start to another summer season of Sacred Heart fun runs!

Thank you to all who have donated so far; this event has already taken our total to over £100. There is still plenty of time for more money to be raised – our JustGiving page is accessible on the school website. The next Charity Fun Run will be for Year 7 on the 8th June.

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