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Dance Assemblies

On the week commencing 4th December students ranging from Year 7 to Year 13 performed in our dance assemblies. These students demonstrated great courage and confidence by performing in front of their peers.

The pieces were in a contemporary style and the students were actively encouraged to contribute to the choreographic process.

Our Y10 GCSE dance students performed for the first time as a group, our Year 11 GCSE and Y13 A Level dance students performed exam work.

KS3 students who have been dedicated to extra-curricular clubs within the dance department also performed, including Year 9 Dance Company and Year 7 & Year 8 dance club.

All students have developed their expressive and technical skills through these performances, we are exceptionally proud of our girls for challenging themselves.

Dance clubs will continue to run into the new year, we actively encourage new starters to join us!

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