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Year 11 GCSE Design Technology students had the great opportunity to visit the very exciting 'Exploring Architecture' event at the Great North Hancock Museum this month to raise aspiration and ambition in this sector. 

Three Newcastle-based architecture firms - Ryder Architecture, MawsonKerr and Grace Choi Architecture Ltd - competed for the students’ attention as they told us why their space within this sector is the best.

Participants heard from each firm’s representative and gained an insight into what being an architect is all about and which space may be a better fit for their personality. 

We were also joined by representatives from both Newcastle universities to discuss courses and qualifications, helping students to make informed decisions about their next steps.

Students said: 

"I really enjoyed speaking to students and people in the profession as a way of understanding the different routes into this business."

"I was surprised by just how many subjects link to architecture and what a range of A levels can lead into the business."

"I loved Grace Choi. She was a very inspirational woman, and I loved the ethics and community focus of her business."

"We were so surprised to see our very own Rose Auditorium on the projects from MawsonKerr. Small world!"

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