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Sacred Heart Baking Society Host Staff Bake Off for St Cuthbert’s Care

The Sacred Heart Baking Society hosted a staff Bake Off this week to raise money for St Cuthbert’s Care.

Talented staff bakers from across school entered the competition and the delicious entries were judged by three of the Baking Society’s Sixth Form judges.

The 3 Baking Society judges were an absolute credit to our school and worked hard on marking each bake on the following criteria: appearance, taste and texture.

Each bake was judged out of 10 in each area. It was very tight at the top with only 2 marks between the top 2!

The top three places were awarded to:

3rd place: Miss Ogunyemi

2nd Place: Mr Cousins

1st Place: Mrs Robertson

With a special commendation for flavour for Mrs Tivnen.


As we go to print, just over £140 has been raised through the event!



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