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Y10 Entrepreneurial Insights at the Helix

Year 10 Design Technology students attended the Entrepreneurial Insights event on 20th October. It was an interesting and inspirational morning.

NE1 CAN delivered their Entrepreneurial Insights event at The Catalyst building at Newcastle University with 133 students from regional schools, colleges, and universities in attendance to explore their potential as future business owners.

Students had the opportunity to listen to and learn from a diverse group of regional entrepreneurs, including Charlie Hoult from Hoult’s Yard, Michaela Reaney from Opportunity Global, Anna Hedworth, owner of Cook House and Long Friday, and Caroline Crawford from Moody Haulage & Logistics.

The entrepreneurs shared their personal journeys with the young people who were inspired and encouraged to consider their own futures as potential business owners.

This is what the students thought:

"I found Charlie Hoult's talk really easy to follow; he was energetic and amazing!" ZM

"I found it interesting to see how they began their businesses and how they expanded." FM

"I thought that entrepreneurial insights was very inspirational as it showed a diverse range of people's journeys into the business world, which we could relate to in one way or another and it really showed all aspects of an entrepreneur's role and working alongside them. If not for the trip I would not have known this previously. It was also a very professional set up and I enjoyed my time there." RB

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